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'Ross Revenge' at Queenborough

- and again with John Boark inspecting proceedings


on the 'Ross'at Queenborough



On air in Maidstone Studios


5:40am on air - 'Ross Revenge', Queenborough


On air - Maidstone/Caroline


On air - Maidstone/Caroline


On air - 7:50am Sat Aug 15 1998 - CMR Studios London for Caroline via Network One / Merlin Communications short wave world-wide and various other channels.
Marine Offences Act anniversary.


Tom Lodge and myself - rear deck 'Ross Revenge' during Chatham broadcast


Linda Davis and I - backstage at the Manchester Apollo


Playing bass, Charity show in Bradford for Collier Dixon Line

Wisbech Festival. For Collier Dixon Line


Playing bass, Harlow Festival -  Jeannie Dee Band

Talking to Johnny Walker - Sheffield


On stage in Blackpool



Caught unawares coming offstage in Spain


On air at Calderdale Sound

My birthday, relaxing in the mess-room of the 'Ross Revenge'


On stage - Spain



Photos from the Jan 2002 launch of the (now defunct) Caroline on the cable network from Harlingen, Friesland, Netherlands


The console in the studio.

'On air' with Barry James, late Saturday evening.


'On air' Sunday lunchtime.



With 'Sylvia', the girl featured in the Dutch posters.


- and one of the posters !