The UK's premier country music holiday & promotion company,
with whom I am proud to be associated.

Loads of Country Music info and links.

Billy Curtis, a fine singer/song writer who I always enjoy working with.

Rusty Douch, good friend of mine who has been in the business for many years.

Official website for 'Radio Caroline'

'Official' Dutch site of 'Radio Caroline' - currently hosting live weekend relay
(Currently not working)

Excellent German site of Martin van der Ven :
-'Radio Caroline - Into The New Millennium'

Everything you wanted to know about off-shore radio : -The Offshore Radio Guide'

Lots of info and latest news

The 24 Hour Community Radio Station for the Wetherby Area

Community Radio for the west of the Wolds

Lots about Scooters!




Other misc sites - all checked Nov '06