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The Radio Caroline ship "Ross Revenge" (also known to me as the 'Big Red Magnet')

Radio Caroline is continuously on air live via the Astra satellite service - channel 0199, the Worldspace satellite, and worldwide via the Internet
(See the official Caroline page for full Astra tuning details, and a link to the Web feed.)






'The Roadshow'

During the RSL on 29th August 2004 from Tilbury, some landmark broadcasting from the rear deck of the Ross!

(56sec audio clip)   W



Check the following links for Graham's regular appearances including his popular 'The Sound of Free Spirit' program


 Radio Caroline
In 1964 a young Irish entrepreneur Ronan O'Rahilly founded Britain's first offshore radio station. Radio Caroline instantly became a household name. Caroline's continued existence became a lifetime mission for Ronan.


Radio Seagull, home of Progressive Rock and Alternative Music, brings you the music you don't hear on other radio stations, neither 'on air', nor on the Internet. They play the best progressive rock, the coolest album tracks and the finest alternative music. Specialist music shows include Smooth Jazz, World Music and Vintage Soul.

Seagull can be heard on 1602 Khz AM in the Netherlands, across the North Sea and along the East Coast of England. At night the signal has been received as far away as Finland, Germany and Switzerland.


Graham presents 'The Sound of Free Spirit' every  Friday  0100-0300 CET (Mdnt-0200 GMT)

Repeated on Sundays 1100-1300 CET (1000-Noon GMT)


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You'll find lots of music over there that you won't hear on any other blues station / program in the world. And that's a fact. They play a selection of the best latest releases, small independent labels and promo's or home made CD's.
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If you enjoyed the programmes from the pirate radio ships, in the 1960's and 70's, such as
Radios Caroline, London, 270, City, Scotland, Nordsee, Veronica, Mi Amigo and Atlantis etc,
then we hope you'll like our station.
At your desk at work or relaxing at home, Offshore Music Radio is here
live from our studios in North Lincolnshire and around the UK 24 hours a day to entertain you.
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UKCountryRadio.com plays a unique blend of the best in country music from UK-based artists, together with the hottest hits from America and classic country from yesterday

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